1. Are lab-grown diamonds, real diamonds?
- In every way. Only at a lesser cost to mother nature. Only a gemologist and a certificate of authenticity can tell the di
fference as the only real difference is their origin.

2. What is the price of a lab-grown diamond?
- It is significantly less than a natural diamond. Check-out for yourself. (link to store inserted here)

3. Are IcedOutLA’s natural diamonds ethically sourced? - 100%

4. Are lab-grown diamonds valued less than natural diamonds?
- The monetary "value" of a stone is assigned by the market and what a customer is willing to pay for it.

5. Is it accurate to call a lab-grown diamond a “synthetic” diamond?
- No, the term synthetic cannot be applied to lab-grown diamonds because they are made from pure carbon, the same material natural diamonds are made of.
1 Because they have the same chemical makeup, they are both considered diamonds.